WHY’S Dan Camp jumping back into a hostile political environment? It’s simple, because Dan wants our kids to inherit a better Beaver County.

DAN’S running for reelection, because we can’t afford to give county government back to the same politicians who mangled their opportunity to lead, and who created a culture of dishonesty. Dan won’t allow the past regime to abuse our trust and mismanage our $200 million county budget again. Beaver County finally has a very bright future, but there’s more work to be done and we can’t let the old-guard back in the courthouse.

DAN CAMP dove head-first into Beaver County politics back in 2015 when he ran for County Commissioner. He had a vision– and a sense of urgency– to take county government in a much different direction. The voters desperately wanted new leadership and delivered a historic election. Dan was part of a team that was elected based on their promises to reform county government, partner with job creators, and bring fiscal sanity.


UNFORTUNATELY, and in spite of the public’s clear message, the new board Chair ran county government in the same dysfunctional, selfish, and reactive manner that plagued our county for decades. Dan was faced with the realities that the Courthouse Circus hadn’t left just yet, and the misuse of the Chair position was stopping the voters from getting the change they demanded.

BUT Dan refused to be like all the past politicians who continually failed to deliver on their promises. Dan would not make the public wait four years to get the change they wanted. So, he stepped up, even took on some within his own political party,and he became the youngest Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in our history.

SINCE then, Chairman Camp has taken county government on a reform mission and hasn’t looked back. His first action was to look within the Commissioners’ own office to save taxpayer dollars by eliminating multiple positions that were ineffective and expensive. Dan quickly brought in new talent and combined that new talent with seasoned employees who had the experience to make County government operate effectively. Dan’s unifying approach quickly changed the culture and working environment within county government for the better. Without the all noise and distractions, county government is finally functional again.

BUT that wasn’t good enough for Chairman Camp. Dan made county government a partner with job creators, developers, new industries, and private sector labor unions. His leadership approach has resulted in thousands of new career opportunities and millions of dollars in new investments coming to Beaver County.

IN less than a year, Dan has already helped diversify our economy by securing millions of new investment from the tourism and healthcare industries, put us in a better position to maximize Shell’s cracker plant project, and we are finally ready to spark a manufacturing revolution.

THESE are just some of the reasons we need Dan Camp to be re-elected as County Commissioner in 2019.